A beach goer lost his heirloom wedding band in front of Ocean House, Watch Hill, RI early May 2018. By the time he realized his ring was forgotten on his beach towel, it was already too late. Digging in the sand with your hands to retrieve a ring is a near impossible task. However, when your deeply value possession disappears, you have to try something! After a good hand digging effort he thought his lost ring was gone forever…


The gentleman reached out to local lifeguards and other resources, eventually he came across a referral of my services from a 2016 ring find at Westerly Town Beach. After quickly discussing the details surrounding the lost ring, my wife Allie and I rushed down to the Watch Hill beach in front of Ocean House to see if we could find it. The gentleman brought us to the location where he remembered placing his towel the previous morning. Allie and I began to search with high hopes. Check out Allies story below to find out what it’s like seeing that gold in the sand… Which means someone will be reunited with the heirloom that was lost forever!


“Today I found my first ring! Keith has reunited so many with their lost treasures and today I found his why. It was such a beautiful moment and one I will remember for a lifetime. His wedding band had been passed down from his grandfather, inscribed with the wedding dates of his grandparents and parents! Beautiful! My heart is so full, it feels like it could explode.”


Another lost ring found and reunited with its owner!


Lost a piece of jewelry on the beach? Lost a ring in the water? Jewelry is commonly lost during our favorite summer time activities. Don’t waste your time with a metal detector rental or with a local hobbyist, have a professional member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. I serve Connecticut and surrounding states. If you lost a piece of jewelry, contact me now.

Lost Ring in Snow Bethel CT...‚Äč Found!

For most, snow in the forecast means shoveling and scraping ice off your car. For those with kids, snow also means sleigh riding, building snowmen, and snowball fights. Steve was out in his front yard, sledding down the hill with his daughter, when he heard the horrifying sound of his ring clinking off the side of the sleigh. This was no standard ring found in any jewelry store. This was a custom ring representing much more than the tie between two people.


The two hands clasping the crowned heart represents love and loyalty amongst spouses and friends. The Claddagh ring has been around for centuries, originating in Ireland and becoming a distinctive part of Celtic heritage and tradition. Steve designed his ring around the Claddagh symbol to represent their Irish heritage. There are different ways a person can wear this type of ring. Steve wears his ring with the heart facing inward to express love and the bond with his wife.


For any hope of finding his custom ring, Steve knew that the sledding fun had to end for his search to begin. It was getting dark, so he grabbed a flashlight, shovel, and a bit of hope to begin his search. He spent a couple of hours digging through the snow on his hands and knees, but the ring was nowhere to be found.


The area was marked with a shovel and bare grass. I knew this was the most likely place to search. Within minutes of turning on my metal detector, I found the ring on the outer edge where Steve was digging. Steve was so close to discovering this ring himself! He must have bumped the ring with a shovel while he was searching because I found it only a couple of inches under the snow on the edge of the cleared area.


How to Find a Lost Ring in the Snow

Lost ring in the snow? Stop and mark the area where you believe the ring is lost. If plowing occurs in your parking lot, block off the site to preserve the ring’s location. My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states. If you have a lost ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now through the form below.

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